November 17, 2014

Store: Tiger


How cute is that bag? And how cute is that diary? My friend showered me with a bag full of late birthday gifts from Tiger. Tiger is part of a Danish chain store with 23 stores worldwide. A few of these stores are located in Holland where I live. They sell really cute beauty products, office suplies and homeware at an affordable price... read on to see what was in the bag!


I found ALL of these things inside: Lunchbox, Training Chopsticks, Chunky Pens, Gingerbread Man Highlighter (I made that up!) and Sexy Leg Nail Files (I made that up too..). Who remembers those pens?? Where you have all these colors and you used to try and push them down all together hahaha.

I'm this kind of person that brings tons of different foods to school, work, the gym or anywhere else... so this lunchbox is really really handy. It has two seperate parts that you can close off seperately and cutlery that's hidden in the top part! The box is designed in a way, where you would still be able to put it in almost any bag...oh .. and its purple.. that doesn't hurt.
Unfortunately, Tiger does not have a webshop, so if you're all the way over in the United States you have to be on vacation in either Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, England, Schotland, Wales, Ireland, Austria, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan OR Holland.. and then you can visit me :-)