November 8, 2014

Ombré Lip Mini Tutorial

Sure you don't want to look boring for all the Christmas parties that are coming, so take this tutorial and run. Ombré lips, where different colors fade into each other, have been a trend for a while now. Although it sounds really difficult, it's not. All you need is (at least) two lipsticks, that differ in color and a brush (or liner if you want).

Read on for written instructions...

Pick at least 2 different colored lipsticks. You can basically blend anything together that you like, although it works best with colors that are fairly close to each other, like red/pink, brown-ish/amber-ish... like that. I used MAC Saint Germain, which is a super pink color & INGLOT nr. 294.

Step 1:
Prime! Make sure your lips are dry and smooth. You want to apply a lip primer or make them matte by applying some concealer (that is what I did).

Step 2:
Apply lipstick to your lip line, by following the line with your brush (or lipliner if you like!) and the darker color lipstick.

Step 3:
Drag lipstick from the corners of your mouth to the inside of your lips, so that only the middle is left without color.

Step 4:
Apply the second color lipstick in the middle of your lips.

Step 5:
Diffuse lines with your brush, so that it looks like the color is fading.

Step 6: (optional)
Use lip balm if you want it to be more shiny / Done!