April 27, 2012

Glossybox vs. Truly Yours

There are a lot of these boxes going around, I don't even really know which ones are out there. In the Netherlands the most popular are Glossybox and Truly Yours. These are boxes that are send around every month (I pay €12,50, which is about 15 dollars) and they have miniature and some fullsize niche products in them. I always want the more expensive and rare beauty products and since I don't have an endless cashflow, this is a good way to try out some of them. I've had the Glossybox for a few months now and the Truly Yours box I ordered for the first time this month. I want to choose one of them (if I can :-p). So which box is more fun?? ....

This is the Glossybox. The brands that are in here are pretty nice. There is a Yves Saint Laurent mascara (2 ml), hand and nailcream from H20 PLUS (15 ml), hairspray from Indola (50 ml), 3 sample sizes of perfume by Robert Piguet (€125 for 100ml :-/) and a full size Essie nailpolish. Although the brands are nice and the sizes are great... I don't know... not so excited :-p.. I only really like the Essie nailpolish and the YSL mascara. I haven't smelled the perfumes yet, but they should be heavenly, concidering the price.

Below is the Truly Yours box, which is MUCH better. MUCH MUCH better, I'm so excited. It has L'Occitane shea butter hand cream (30 ml), Moroccanoil Treatment (25 ml), Thierry Mugler Womanity (5 ml), a fullsize Nablus Olive Soap (100 gr) and my LOVE --> Chestnut Cosmetics Instant Bronzing Lotion FULLSIZE.
Do you see the difference? Much more niche and much more larger and full sizes. Way better.

Truly yours definitely won the first round. Not sure if I'm going to give Glossybox a second chance... we'll see ;-)

xoxo Kim