April 23, 2012

Pre-/Post-gym food

I was actually thinking today about the kinds of food I shoud eat before exercising. When I came home after training I saw that Jenifer from honeyedapple.blogspot.com had written a nice article about it. GO READ IT!! What a coincidence!! 'Nd I think I did pretty good too :-D.
I took a picture today of my lunch, half an hour before I went to the gym. I had an ultrathin multigrain cracker (the usual) with salmon, pepper and lemon juice. Also I had a small bowl of high-fiber cereal with milk. After training I drank 250ml of milk mixed with hemp protein powder. Since I am not very hungry now I am going to have a bowl of high-fiber cereal again. I feel fit already ;-)


xoxo Kim


  1. Oh darling! I'm absolutely honored that my posts are able to help you plan your healthy meals!! Thank you so much, and you're doing a great job eating clean!! HIGH FIVE!! Looks deelishus too!!


  2. I'm learning a lot from reading your blog. I'm back reading to your past posts :)


    1. I'm glad :-)... You like the workout pieces best??