May 13, 2013

Moving to Dubai: the dreaded medicals

Yesss....54 days before I leave for Dubai to become a Trolley Dolly for Emirates Airlines and it doesn't mean I can relax. As everyone else that will join Emirates I have to complete a HUGE list of medical examinations and vaccinations. Since both my doctor and dentist have found this to be the perfect time to take a vacation, I can't really do much yet.
This is the 'short' list of things I need to get done for pre-clearance:
  • blood test for HIV
  • dental x-ray
  • chest x-ray for tuberculosis
  • blood test for syphilis
  • blood test for Hepatitis B surface Antigen
These are a 'few' of the vaccinations, some of which require 4 injections (eww):
  • meningococal ACWY
  • Typhoid
  • PPD
  • Tetanus
  • Diphtheria
  • Polio
  • Varicella
Awesome right?! Lol... I hope I can get it all done as soon as possible, so I can start thinking about and shopping for the fun part :-D.

 xoxo Kim