April 24, 2012

Healthy Green Lunch!

I went to the gym again today.. yayyyyy.. I'm so proud of myself. I'm still able to walk, but that's because I didn't do the body pump yet lol. I will next time I promise. So today, before I went to the gym, I had a very healthy lunch. I kind of improvised, because what I originally wanted to make expired on me... so yeah. This is what I ended up with and it was very good and very green :-)!

I took the skin of the zucchini for the base of my 'salad'. I cooked spinach together with salmon (I used smoked salmon) and a little bit of cream and pesto (just a little bit for the taste and so it isn't dry). This I put on top of the zucchini skin and topped it with avocado. Season as you like (I only used salt and pepper)!
I ate this togehter with applesauce and some beens that I cooked. Very tasty, very green and very healty :-)


xoxo Kim