November 22, 2014

How to get through Winter? Tips & Tricks

How can you get through the cold, rainy, freezing Winter season and actually enjoy it?! I will let you in on 15 tips and tricks that get me excited for WINTER and the holidays that come with it. All the guilty pleasures that make you forget about make-up running down your face, messy hair and a red nose.

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1. Get yourself some LUSH Christmas Products. The smell will put you straight in the right mood. My favorites from the Christmas Collection are: Butterbear, Yog Nog soap and Snowcake soap. I especially love Snowcake, because it smells like marzipan. Yum!
2. Drink some Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream. Loads of Whip Cream.

3. This is THE time to buy those scented candles you've been eyeing. My favorite candles are from Diptique, Rituals and Yankee Candle. I will put up my choice of Christmas Candles from Yankee Candle soon! My fave: Snowflake Cookie.

4. Go to Starbucks and pick one of their Chrismas drinks: in Holland we have the Gingerbread Latte, Honey&Almond Hot Chocolate and Toffee Nut Latte. I don't really need to explain why you should order one of those right?
5. Wear some cozy soft socks and pajamas. I like silly pajamas that have stars on them or bunnies. My favorite pyjamas at the moment are from Primark.

6. Eat some Oliebollen! Now, this is something Dutch, but I know that in general people know what 'fritters' are. Well, these are kind of like apple fritters, made of dough and with raisins.. we put a lot of icing sugar on them and eat them leading up to Christmas and New Years. I just ate one with Nutella. Shouldn't make that a habit.
7. Buy some colorful Christmas Candy or decorate your own. I love a little Gingerbread House, but we don't really have those in Holland, so I might make one myself this Christmas. 
8. HBO (or netflix) literally keeps me occupied for hours and hours. After watching all 'Orange is the New Black' episodes, I am now hooked on 'Girls'. I love sitting in my pajamas and watching this show all day long.
9. Take a walk to see the Christmas Lighting outside (especially when there is snow) and think about all those families sitting in front of their fireplace and drinking hot chocolate. Obviously, this doesn't really happen, but I like to think it does.
10. Put some GLITTER on those nails. In my previous post I showed you the Essence Special Effect Topper in 101 Dalmatians, but they have many more colors that are way more glittery and christmassy.

11. Set up your Christmas Tree and decorate it. & forget about having to put it away again

12. Catch up on your reading, you can't (won't) go outside anyway, so you might as well take the time to increase your knowledge or jump into a fictional world. A book that's waiting for me to read it is 'Inferno' by Dan Brown.

13. Gift wrapping!! I love gift wrapping and I will be puting up a post soon on how to DIY a bit with your Christmas gift wrapping :-). There's just something comforting about it.

14. Buy some Berry Lipstick and look fancy all winter, no matter how pale the rest of your face looks. I love INGLOT nr. 294 or YSL Rouge Pur Couture nr. 54.

15. LOVE. The holidays make sure that you see your friends/family &other loved ones more and do something special for them. AND they will also do something special for you...Love will get you through it all!