May 22, 2012

My Healthy Diet: Day 2

Day 2... oooooh yeah Day 2. I just came back from RPM and Tanning (can I count that in as a workout lol) and I told you I'd keep you informed about my diet, so here it goes.
Tomorrow I will be going out for breakfast and out to dinner. Oh oh... I will try to eat as clean as possible. For dinner we are going to a mediterranean restaurant with a somewhat healthy menu, so it shouldn't be that difficult.... hopefully.. tty later xoxo stay stronggg

Day 2

Yum Yum, my delicious Healthy Burgers --> recipe

Pre-Gym Food:
I wasn't that hungry today, because I had a bigger lunch, so I just did something small. Toasted a slice of Wholegrain Bread, put some Soy Spread on it and Peanut Butter. On the side I put some pieces of Celery (which I btw hate) filled with Hummus.