September 3, 2012

Greetings from Abu Dhabi -

I am writing this from a hotel room in Abu Dhabi, doesn't that sound fabulous?! Lol... It has taken me a little itty bitty longer to write this post than planned, I'm sorry for that. I will be returning home in two days and I honestly can't wait. I want to have my protein shake, my gym sessions and my own cooked food. This little trip hasn't relaxed me a bit. It is one of those trips that opens your eyes to a lot of things in life. Anyways, I love the hotel I'm in. It's tiny, but very very nice. I had never really been to a hotel by myself, so it's quite an experience hahah. I'm getting drinks down at the bar, taking baths, watching movies and ordering roomservice. The best part of my vacation lol. There is also a small gym that I go to for a run every night.
I have been here now for a total of two weeks. Unfortunately going outside isn't really possible during the day, because it is too hot. The temperature goes up to 108 degrees and it's very moist. It's get in the taxi, get out of the taxi and run into an airconditioned room. I have been to every mall there is here (they are the biggest airconditioned spaces here and they have cinemas, restaurants etc., so no need to go out) and seen most of the 'highlights'. I love going out during sunset. It's the best time of the day here I think. Gives me nice pictures at least :-) 
The Emirates Palace Hotel & The Boulevard
I'm about to pack my bags a little bit and I will more than likely order roomservice. Should I get the Liguine Carbonara (with turkey bacon) or the Shepherd's Pie..  hmm dilemma! Might also go walk around a little bit when the sun goes down & watch about three or four movies :-p. Tty later xoxo

xoxo Kim