September 7, 2012

Shopping in Abu Dhabi!

I did some shopping while I stayed in Abu Dhabi of course & this is the first thing I want to show you: my RING! I love this ring so so much. It is huge and has black stones in it. I think it looks kind of expensive too which it was obviously..... about 4 dollars lol. I went to this big warehouse called Max. You know, the kind of warehouse where you walk in and you really want to walk out of the same second, cuz the smell of the fabric is just too much. Okay but I didn't, because I wasn't alone. When I got to the accessories I was happy I didn't, because they had so much nice things. I ended up walking out with sunglasses, a bracelet and some gifts for family. I will show you all later! This ring, however, is what I loved most. For 4 dollars man!
Top: Ring: Max Lipstick: Inglot

xoxo Kim

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