October 1, 2014

Review: The Face Shop Magic Cover BB Cream

I bought this Magic Cover BB Cream from The Face Shop when I lived in Dubai. It is a true Asian BB Cream, but without the skin-whitening elements... I really don't need those ...  I already revealed a little bit of what I think about this product in my last YouTube video. This is the full review... DRUM ROLL..

In the video I said that you can only find The Face Shop in Asia... I LIED. I didn't know this, but there are actually a lot of stores in the United States. Which is goooood. Europe, however, is missing out still.
The Face Shop originates from South-Korea and spread across the world since 2003. Their products have cute designs and fashionable ingredients, like Chia Seeds.
They say that the ingredients they use are mostly natural as well. Honestly I can't really tell you if that's true, because the ingredients list is written in Korean.. sooooo.. yeah.

Soooooo... the result:

I tried the color 'natural beige'. The coverage is really good, so you don't need a lot of product. I take the amount below and use it only on my nose, chin and under my eyes. I was worried at first that the color might be to dark for my skin, since I'm really fair, but it is just right. It covers any redness (&pimples)and still looks natural. I wouldn't use it on my whole face though. 

  • It has SPF 20;
  • Thick enough to cover up pimples and redness.
Don't like:
  • Can't be purchased everywhere in the world;
  • It is quite expensive (about 20 dollars) if you have to shop on a low budget.