December 24, 2014

DIY: Gingerbread Man Cookies


I've been baking for Christmas Eve! About two weeks ago I found a Gingerbread Man cookie cutter in a Dutch store, which is new, because the concept of a Gingerbread Man is not as well known here as it is in the US. So, I had never made these before and was so excited, especially for the decorating part. They go perfect with a nice Gingerbread Latte! Want to see how I made these??   

Now... what do you need for this?

Cookie mix
Gingerbread spice mix - click here for recipe
Sparkle Gel
Icing Color in Christmas Red
Candy Canes

I cheated by using a ready to use cookie mix, where I only had to add water and butter, but you can find any basic cookie recipe online. Now I added Gingerbread Spice to half of the regular mix and I left half without the spices (as some people don't like the spices). I used my hands to mix everything and get a dough. You should leave this in the fridge for at least an hour, before taking it out and using a cookie cutter. When you've done all of that, they should look something like the ones below. Bake them in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes at 300 degrees.

When they've cooled down, the fun parts start. Now you can decorate! I used a tube of Sparkling White Decorating Gel for it. Some of it I mixed with some Christmas Red Icing color. Try and practice on some cookies first, before you start with the real thing, because it can be quite tricky.
How do you think mine turned out??? I love the little bow ties and scarfs!!

Merry Christmas!