December 14, 2014

Store: Typo

As a flight attendant I was very privileged to be able to walk into a lot of stores that I had never heard of before, Typo is one of them! I first saw this store when I was in Brisbane, Australia. The hotel we stayed in with the crew was just around the corner of a large shopping street & I just jumped for joy when I went inside Typo. If you like to craft or are looking for (wedding) gifts, stationery or decoration for your house.. this is the store for you. Honestly.. I even love to just browse their website. I will show you what I got from Typo!!

I have to admit that I bought all of these cuties with a wedding in mind. I couldn't help but think of a wedding while standing in the store. Maybe you know the wedding blogs like stylemepretty and aisleperfect?! If you don't, you should definitely take a look. I have been planning my wedding, since I am 12 or something (I'm not even kidding lol) and am obsessed with them! What did I get? And what do these have to do with a wedding?

There is something about lanterns! If you visit the wedding blogs that I have mentioned you will see what I mean... they are EVERYWHERE! There's something romantic and festive about them and I want to use them for such an occasion, even though I don't even know when that is going to be. Am I the only one that does this girls??

I love these kind of chalkboards, although I have no real use for them at this point. On wedding blogs you see these boards on the bride and groom's chairs saying Mr. & Mrs. But, as I don't see myself getting married anytime soon, I imagine that they look really nice in the kitchen too lol.

Stamp set
Stamps came to my attention when I was looking at personalized and hand made 'save the date' cards and wedding invitations. Typo has all kinds of stamps in all kinds of sizes and shapes and it was so hard to pick one. As I love being a little crafty when it comes to gifts, I decided to purchase this stamp set with all uppercase letters and numbers. I will be puting up a post soon in which I use this stamp set :-)!!

The good thing about Typo is that they have so many different kind of gifts for every type of person and for every mood you are in. Typo is part of the retail chain Cotton On and is present all over the world. Typo unfortunately isn't. You can find stores in Australia, New-Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and South-Africa. There is a webshop, but it only ships within Australia and to New Zealand. One to remember if you ever visit these places!