December 20, 2014

DIY: Christmas Gift Wrapping

It is easy to let the girl or guy behind the counter wrap your Christmas gifts when you buy them, but giving a gift becomes extra special when you wrap it yourself AND personalize it. Isn't it so much nicer when you see someone has actually put an effort in? I love wrapping gifts and will show you what you can do and need to up your gift wrapping game and personalize your Christmas gifts.

What do you need?
Plain or printed wrapping paper
Plain Gift tags
Bakers Twine in any color
Stamps & Stamp Pad
Plain paper bags
Anything you can glue on!
Scotch Tape


What can you do with it?!

Now, this is my absolute favorite, because it looks like it came from Chanel. The plain wrapping paper is perfect when you want to go crazy with ribbon and ornaments. I choose this black and white ribbon with a knitted white flower. Just wrap the ribbon around a few times and tape or tie it at the back. The best way to make the flower stick to the ribbon is by gluing it on.
Second, I chose a wrapping paper with a bit of a print and put a tag on it, which I stamped with the text Merry Christmas. The Stamp Set I used comes from a store named TYPO, which I wrote about in an article here.  I used bakers twine and stickers to attach it to the package. Of course, you can write anything on the label, a poem, a personal message or a name.

You can also use the stamps on plain paper bags, as I did here, and then attach some simple ornaments. Here, I used bakers twine again, which I attached to the back. You can make this more colourful, by using different kinds of twine or using different coloured stickers.

The number one thing for me is RIBBON: how cute is the Christmas Tree ribbon?! Using different kinds of Ribbon just makes gifts look so special, like someone really cared enough to wrap a gift nicely haha.

If you're in Holland you can order all of the above (except the gifts haha) from Inpakken & Uitdelen, where they sell all kinds of packaging and DIY materials for a really good price!