January 15, 2015


I was looking for a book with beauty essentials.. one that I could consider a bit of a Beauty Bible. The book Pretty Honest, was recommended by A Model Recommends (a model turned beauty guru on YouTube). I downloaded it on my iPad and was so surprised. This truly has the form of a Bible with its 413 pages ... But do I like what's inside??

Do I like it?

YES! The motto of the book is: THE STRAIGHT-TALKING BEAUTY COMPANION. It is said to be a handbook for real women on what works in real life. A book that is honest about beauty and products. Sali praises products that actually work and bashes anything that does not. Some chapters are:
  • Basic kit: the products you need now (and the stuff you don't) 
  • How to look good in a picture
  • What men want
  • Beauty and motherhood
  • How to get botox
I have to say, this is a keeper!! This is the kind of book that you can use when you're a teen, a business woman, a stay at home mom ... and also.. when you're ill. There is a full chapter on Beauty in Illnes. And that is why I think this book is great. It has something for everyone and is realistic about life at the same time. The writing style is fun and informative. I am actually thinking of getting the paper version, because it is such a beautiful coffee table book (although I don't have a coffee table lol).

Who is Sali Hughes?

Sali Hughes is a British make-up artist turned, that has written for ELLE, Grazia, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and other magazines. At the moment she is a beauty columnist for The Guardian and has her own blog called Sali Hughes Beauty. She has a specific honest writing style that also comes through in her book.

A Model Recommends

As I said, I learned about this book through the YouTube channel of Ruth Crilly, called A Model Recommends. Ruth is an international fashion model as you might have guessed. So if she recommends it, it must be good... is what I thought. She is hilarious, so go check out her YouTube channel or visit her blog: A Model Recommends. In the below video she talks a bit about Pretty Honest.