August 14, 2014

Bye Bye Emirates

After a year and a month, I decided to wave goodbye to Emirates Airlines. My bucket list has become a lot shorter and my experience a lot greater. I visited 35 places! Some of which I, most likely, would have never seen in my life had I not had this opportunity. I'm thankful, but also very happy to go back home.
Packing was crazy by the way, carrying all the souvenirs I had brought over the past year. When I got to the airport they wanted me to pay a LOT extra, because as much as I had tried to get rid of unnecessary things, I still had a lot of excess baggage... After a bit of reorganizing, thankfully I managed.
Now, I am ready to start a new chapter in life.. UNIVERSITY/
I will start my MA (graduate study) in Media and Journalism at the end of this month. Aaaahhh!